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Hey I'm Tiffany, 
a UX Researcher.

Who am I?

I'm a perfect blend of Marketing + UX Research expertise.


An ex-"social media wizard" to now a "Mixed Method UX Researcher" - then and now both focusing on the one and only - people.

Industries of experience: eComm, retail, AI, Cloud, social media, ad tech, Employee Experience, peer-to-peer marketplace



I come from media analytics background - planning/running/analyzing a variety of UX researches in customer-facing .COM space to grasp what users like and dislike in the context of social media advertisement by utilizing research methodologies like A/B test, multivariate test, survey, market research, and competitive analysis. The most common question I asked in my past life was "what" the .COM behavior meant about our users, and the numbers/analytics helped answer that question. 


In my current role as a Senior UX Researcher, I successfully lead stakeholder conversations and identify research opportunities and methodologies, manage end-to-end researches (both primary and secondary, generative and evaluative), and present the user insights and product recommendations to the stakeholders in creative formats that effectively tells the story. While I am focused on qualitative researches, I find my pre-UX career in quantitative research extremely valuable in digesting data, pulling actionable insights, and identifying gaps in how our digital products fulfill users' day-to-day needs. 

My daily goal as a researcher is to provide actionable user insights to cross-functional teams and help designers ideate on the most intuitive, user-friendly digital solutions.  I'm driven by constant curiosity and willingness to learn about the people who are using my products. I enjoy using ambiguous and uncertain product questions to identify and distill research opportunities, and leading end-to-end research process to provide guidelines to stakeholders so that our products are made, iterated, and improved with our users at the center of our minds.


Outside of work, you can find me on YouTube @tifffster


I am passionate about helping our stakeholders understand the field of UX Research better. I'm also passionate about mentoring junior UXRs by providing guidance, feedback, and support. 


I am originally from Seoul, South Korea, and I call Seoul (Korea), LA/OC (CA), Anchorage (AK), Atlanta (GA), Tucson (AZ) and Minneapolis (MN) my "home". I am currently based in the sunny Santa Monica and love to go on morning jogs to the beach.

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Here's what I'm good at:

User Interview Journey Mapping Market Research SWOT Analysis Stakeholder Interview User Flow Wireframing Usability Testing   Card Sorting Activity   Time on Task Test User Interview Content Strategy  A/B test Project Management   Brand lift study   Multivariate Testing Landing destinatioOptimization  Data analytics  KPI Setting Sketch AdobeXD InVision Excel Tableau Google Analytics Adobe Analytics 

Work Examples

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