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My Role at Best Buy: Employee Experience Product and Strategic Research

As the main UX Researcher for enterprise retail order checkout tool and management/modification tools on Multi-Channel Ordering team at Best Buy, I lead end-to-end user researches in a fast-paced, Agile work environment.

Some methodologies I have used include:

  • User Interviews

  • Time Study

  • Secondary Data Analysis

  • Benchmarking Test

  • Surveys

  • Usability Test

  • Workshops

  • Card Sort Activity

I scope and identify goals/objectives/KPIs/methodology collaborating with cross-functional teams, plan and conduct researches, synthesize and analyze data, and present/report out to stakeholders.

As a Researcher, I work very closely with designers, product owners, and engineers to ensure that every design update is driven and solutioned with our end users at the center of our mind. I also act as the consultant to stakeholders by being an active part of conversations, identifying research opportunities, educating stakeholders of research methodologies, processes, timeline, and reminding them of the mindset to prioritize our users when thinking of design updates.

Due to the the sensitive and confidential nature of the products I work on (these researches are deeply related to the enterprise direction for employee solutions), I am unable to showcase my work. However, I'd be happy to walk through my research approach and thought processes.



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