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The Home Depot: Content A/B Test

Due to the confidential nature of the work, I can't show the details of the projects I worked on.

However, I can share the process and approach I took as the content strategist. As you can tell, the process aligns very well with Design Thinking process.

  1. Conduct stakeholder meetings with marketing team and vendors to understand the goals and objectives for the quarter and for marketing events (e.g. Black Friday event), and how we can use social media to best resonate with shoppers/end users.

  2. Plan the media strategy for the quarter and choose the right research type - some of the most common methodologies I've used include: A/B test for content/audience/channel, multivariate test, and brand awareness lift test

  3. Ideation sessions with designers, creative partners, and creative agency to ensure we take time to brainstorm between cross-functional teams, weave out unrealistic ideas, ensure timeline is met for execution.

  4. Launch advertisement campaign and continually monitor performance based on KPIs (Cost per impression, Click-Through Rate, incremental sales revenue, etc.) Provide quick updates to stakeholders around the progress to KPIs, how end users are reacting, and trend we're seeing.

  5. Use different analytics tools such as Facebook Ads Manager, Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, and raw data sets to accurately track website traffic, sales revenue garnered through ads, return on investment, etc.

  6. Synthesize data and test results with actionable insights. For A/B tests and multivariate tests, typically use the winning content and move forward with it in the upcoming major event with higher investment. If the result does not have a clear winner or is not statistically significant, then re-run the test in the next campaign.

  7. Report out to stakeholders in a formal presentation on what the test resulted in, how much sales conversion the event generated, and what we learned about our users/shoppers through shopping/browsing behavior.

An example of typical copy A/B I've run to test which copy resonates better with users on Pinterest



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